What is your style?


That's a great question.  Many teachers learned only to play and teach their favorite genre of music.  I am a career music educator and studied all popular styles before I began teaching.

Some of the styles I teach on a daily basis include Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop and Classical.  However, my students determine what I teach through their musical interests. 

I never know what each lesson will bring.  I have taught Hip Hop, R&B, Folk, Motown, Reggae, Classic Rock, Swing, or good old Rock and Roll.  I love to teach anything that inspires my students.

I do encourage students to try new things.  After all, I am a teacher.  Still, I try my best to follow my students' passion, and guide them to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

I think it's important to note that my students range from 1st day beginners to touring professionals.



The Performance Workshops are Free?  How can you afford to do that?

The Workshops are free to currently enrolled students.  That's just one way I like to give back to those who have embraced music as I have.  I'll do anything to help my students grow and enjoy their journey in music. 

If you are not currently enrolled, you may attend a Workshop for a $60 fee.

The Workshops are perfect for music students who want to develop their performance skills.  The students love learning from their own experiences and from their peers.  Best of all, the Workshops provide a supportive atmosphere to encourage musical growth.



As a music educator, what is your goal for all your students?

As my company name, "SunPath Music," implies, I believe that everyone who plays music is on their own personal journey. 

We can never know it all, that's the beauty of the creative process, there is always more to learn.  You can look it at like a doctor.  Even when a doctor finishes his/her residency, he/she still has much to learn.  That's why they say "Medical Practice" or "Law Practice".

We all learn best by doing, and therefore my goal is to prepare my students in their lessons so that they can continue learning on their own. 

Learning is a process, and the people who love to learn will find that a beautiful musical journey awaits them.

I hope that each of my students, whatever their skill level, derives the same pleasure and inspiration from music that I have.

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